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OnSale Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Twin Race Car Bed

Little Tikes Lightning McQueen Twin Race Car Bed

Product Description
Designed from the Lightening McQueen character in the Disney Pixar movie. Sleek sportster features race car styling and realistic wheel and hubcap detailing. Holds a standard twin size mattress with box springs, bunk bed, support board or plywood (not included). Wooden mattress supports included. Mattress height adjusts to 2 levels.

  • Race car styling of Lightning McQueen
  • Holds twin size mattress and box spring (not included)

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Great Bed but....
My 3 yr old son loves this bed. It took us less than 30 minutes to put it all together (with the help of a cordless screwdriver). My son immediately claimed it to be, "my bed"! We have the mattress sitting on the wooden slats included in the box. Looks really great and the scale creates an amazing presence in the room. We read all the reviews but could not find the inner measurement where the mattress would buyers beware! A standard twin mattress is actually a little smaller than the inner measurement of the bed which is 40 1/2 inches X 75inches (a standard twin mattress is only 38x74). We had to fill up the gap with a body pillow and some old blankets so my son's arms and legs won't get caught in the gap. In the end my son loves it, my husband loves I'm happy!

3yr old loves it and Sticker install
I have a 3yr old son that won't stop talking about his new CAR. He loves it and can't wait till its time to go to bed. As for assembly I placed the stickers on first before I put the car together. But before I placed the sticker I soaked a cloth with water and wiped the area where the sticker goes. Incase you need to remove the sticker it will be easier to remove it. The water will dry up and the sticker will stick.

Great Sturdy Bed
Love this bed. Was easy for my husband to assemble. Stickers were a bit tricky to get put on straight but successful. Yes you absolutely need a mattress and box spring. I was surprised to have a pretty larget gap between the end of the mattress and the edge of the bed. The box it ships in is not that big as others indicated. Yes, it's big, but it's a very large twin size plastic bed frame. Our 2 year old son loves it!! He can climb in/out of it himself.

I read the reviews and noticed many of you are having difficulty applying the decals. Here is a little trick I learned while restoring cars. Remember the Trans Ams with the giant Firebird on the hood, well this is how we applied those decals, and they cost more than this whole bed, and is the method I used to apply theses decals to my kids bed. First, do not wait until Christmas Eve or the day before you are going to give the gift. I promise you'll be in such a hurry you screw it up. Second, do it by yourself when everyone else has gone to bed, less interuptions and I promise you do not need your spouse looking over your shoulder barking out directions.

Apply the decals with the bed disassembled. I promise it will be much easier.

Fill up a sink almost full with warm soapy water. It doesn't need to be bubbling over on to the floor, just a little so the water feels slick. Use warm water so your hands don't get cold, you'll be much happier.

OK, using a razor blade, cut out a piece of the decal that is not going to be used, ie cut off a corner that is not part og the printed material. This will be your practice piece. Use a razor blade because scissors get gummed up with the adhesive. Now take the piece to the sink and peel the decal off while holding it underwater. Once you have removed it from the backing, take it out of the water and place it anywhere on the bed (I used the nose becasue it was big and flat). Then take a dry, soft cloth, and wipe the excess water off the top of the decal. The slowly, using light pressure, work from the center out to the edges. This will squegee the water out from underneath the decal. Walla, ity's done. Peel it off, trash it and practice a few more times before you try it with the real Mcoy.


-Do not rub to many times with the cloth or eventually you will start to rub the sticker outside coating off.

-On the large stickers, work from the center out. You may see some bubbles under the decal. The goal is to work them to the edge to get the water out. If it doesnt work, get a pin, and pop the bubbly like a zit and push the bubble edsge to the pinhole,l the water should squeeze out.

-The decals over the rear wheels are the most difficult. Start with the largest one and work out. Do the side of the car that will be away from the bedroom door so if you screw it up your friends won't laugh at you when they look into your kids room. Just make sure you get it right on the other side.

Just remember

1. Your kid won't care if it's not perfect. He'll only think your the greatest parents in the world for getting them such a cool gift.

2. You can't see both sides at the same time so it does'nt matter if they match exactly.

3. I have restored about 100 cars and never had one come out perfect. The only person who will notice the slight imperfections is you, because you did the work. If your concerned see #1

Good luck everyone and I hope this helps.

3yr old son loves it
My 3 year old son has been talking about his new McQueen big boy bed for the entire week. Mom and Dad think its pretty cool too. Seems very durable and looks great. The bed goes together in just a couple minutes as it comes in only 4 pieces but leave some time for the graphics. I spent about about 30 minutes with the graphics mainly because the adhesive on them is about as permanent as it could be so taking your time is pretty important because once you place it there's no getting it back off for adjustments. Up side is our concern over the kids peeling them off seems unwarranted.

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